Welcome to my shop! 

I'm Aaron, and I love the outdoors. I grew up and am based in Singapore. A few years ago, I started multi-day hiking trips deep into nature, away from civilisation, and have since been hooked. These trips took me to places from within the Arctic Circle in Sweden to all the way down south through glacier carved valleys in Tasmania. The preciousness of silence, of clear starry nights, of pristine snow capped peaks and alpine lakes, of open fields and lush valleys, and of the knowledge that the closest anyone else might be would be many hours away. The draw of the wilderness can't be fully described in words, but whatever it is, it kept me going back for more. While the pandemic has put a hold on my wilderness aspirations, I hope to share a little of the joy of outdoors through this new project, my online store! 

I created this store to share some of my favourite outdoors related and inspired products with you, from framed prints of photographs taken during my hiking trips to quality outdoor gear to take on your next adventure. Hope you'll enjoy the collection!