Landscape Prints Formats and Framing Options

Framed prints come in a range of carefully selected of size and framing options. The photographs are meticulously curated from my thousands of photographs accumulated over hundreds of miles of treks.



Prints come in 2 sizes, 40cm x 60cm (15.7in x 23.6in) and 60cm x 90cm (23.6in x 35.4in)

There is also an option for a black or white mat board, which adds a 5cm black or white border around the print, and the sizes of the prints including the border are 50cm x 70cm and 70cm x 100cm.

White Mat Board:

White Mat Board 


Print Medium

The prints are done on fine art paper, which are made from 100% cotton fiber instead of wood pulp. The fine art paper has a basis weight 310gsm, and is acid and lignin free. Lucia Pro pigment inks from Canon are used for printing. This combination of the finest materials allow the prints to last for a long time and are certified to last 25 years without fading.



Frames come in 3 color options and 3 framing options. The 3 colors available are black, dark brown (slight wood grain) and pine (wood grain).

Black Frame:
Black Frame 
Dark Brown Frame:
Dark Brown Frame 
Pine Frame:
Pine Frame


The 3 framing options are a standard frame, a shadowbox frame without setback, and a shadowbox frame with setback.

Standard Frame:

Standard FrameStandard Frame


Shadowbox Frame without Setback:

Shadowbox Frame without Setback 


Shadowbox Frame with Setback:

 Shadowbox with SetbackShadowbox Frame with Setback


The standard frame has a depth of approximately 2cm and a width of approximately 3cm.

The shadowbox frame has depth of approximately 3cm and a width of approximately 2cm for the 40cm x 60cm print, and a depth and width of approximately 3cm each for the 60cm x 90cm. The setback frame places the print at a depth within the frame (further back in), while the no setback option places the print just under the glass surface.



The frames come with a stainless steel hanging wire attached, and are ready to be hung. They can also be placed on a shelf or table, but stoppers (not included) may be required to prevent them from sliding.



The 40cm x 60cm framed prints are approximately 3.4kg for the black and dark brown frames and 4kg for the pine frame.

The 60cm x 90cm framed prints are approximately 4.8kg for the black and dark brown frames and 5.6kg for the pine frame.



To have a look at a few of the prints, sizes and framing options, drop me an email to arrange for a non-obligatory viewing at my humble abode.